The passion of a lifetime

It was love at first sight between Gennaro Amitrano and the art of cooking. Gennaro was just a child when he began to approach to dishes and stoves, thanks to his father’s passion. The world of cooking fascinated him immediately, his destiny was somehow already written, marked. A destiny which is remarkably close to Italian cuisine, declined in all its most irresistible nuances, in all Gennaro Amitrano dishes.

My story...


Quality. Tradition. Innovation.

For Gennaro Amitrano, the innovation is an everyday thing which blends perfectly with the tradition of his birth place. Each dish is studied in detail and tells the story, the passion and the love of a Chef who is able to create unique and unrepeatable dishes.



Seasonal dishes. KM 0 raw materials.

Creating a dish begins with the choice of raw materials. Gennaro Amitrano carefully selects every single ingredient, focusing on the quality and territoriality of the products, characteristics that are enhanced in each of his creations.

Piatti stagionali
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